Saturday, October 9, 2021

Invisible bet site error

It took my bet but no bet slip!!

Never has this happened before to me. I opened the trade on Jack Sock Vs John Millman in Tennis, with a £10 lay on odds of 1.24 on John. It took the bet and nothing. No bet slip nothing but still took my money. 

I quickly contacted customer service who said they are aware of the problem and there's nothing else she knows about it and couldn't tell me anything not even if I would get my stake back.

And it was a winning trade!!

I've seen the site go down and full matches suspended but this is a new one for me!

Something to be aware of.. And something I can't do nothing about!! 


Just as I posted this then checked the status of my invisible bet. It showed up and the trade was still good. But I didn't hang around, and took the green out.

In all I was 55 minutes invisible. 

Happy now 😅

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