Thursday, February 24, 2022

Bet A Day UPDATE First red

 3 Month update.

Started my Bet A day on 15th November 2021. Today's date 24th February 2022.

Bet A Day is just the name I called it on my Copy Tip account. The idea was to to just one bet a day but some days I do more and some days I don't do any.

Image after 84 bets showing in profit with zero copiers.

I use stakes from £5 to £20 staking how much I see value in the bet. I also calculate my stakes carefully to prevent Hugh loses. 

All was going good. My profit was increasing

. Copiers started to follow and everything was still all good.


My Copiers. I had 5 copiers at one point now it has dropped to 2. 

SO what happened.

Well Nothing happened. I still am making good bets. You win some you lose some and in the long term your in profit.

The problem is the copiers. Yeah you guys. 

It's great to have you guys here and that's what I want, more copiers to copy me. 10, 100, 1000, 10000. I want copiers to follow me and I completely get it! You copy me and set your budget to a flat stake of £10. 

When you set your stake to a flat rate it means no matter how much I put on, you only put on your flat rate, £10.00 . Like I said my bets and stakes are all calculated to keep in profit as much as possible. I'm in it in the long term. IF you keep to a flat rate then our profit margin won't match and could be far less for you then the profit you would have if you just let me choose the stake rate.

But I see it advises you all over the internet to use flat rates. That's fine for gamblers but not for here.

Also the image above is my copiers in the red. Below is the real results of my copiers and myself.

My copiers are the yellow line, the big drop is 5 copiers total loses. The blue line is myself with a sharp drop but will recover. My total profit since I started is £46 but my copiers profit is in total of -£70.

It looks far worst then it is. I had 5 copiers all lose and now have just 2 copiers to make up the copiers profit as it is all totalled together. 

It's the name of the game. You can't win them all and my rush of copiers came in at the wrong time. You have to stay and stick to it. Set your max budget to £100 and let me pick the bets and stakes size.

Thank you.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Get Started in Sports Betting

The best way to get started in sports betting and trading.

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Don't miss the free bets.

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Have a email ready for the signup's and a bank card.

UK Bookies list here.

No Hassle bets.

Signup, add 100EUR and copy Bet A Day bet plan on copy tip. Active since 15th November 2020 and has always been in profit (check to see if still true). I manually add bets on copy tip where you can copy me with just one click, Each time I place a bet the system will automatically place that bet for you too. If I win, you win and. I'm aiming to win so you are in good hands. 

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Trading Sports.

Find my advice and helpful tips to get you on your way.

Coming soon.

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Double Money in 1Hour.

 Double Money in 1Hour with 10 bets on odds lower then 1.20

Double Money in 1Hour.

If you add all the profits you get £3.42

I started at 11:30am Sunday morning and made my first bet by 12 noon Then finished at 1pm.

One lost would have made a smaller profit and two loses would have put me in the red. But it just shows it can work when it works.

And if I lost all 10 I would be £30 down. But hay, with low odds like these. No chance.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

How to pick a winner

My most favourite bet is when I know I can pick a winner.

How to pick a winner.

Most of the time it's a winner.

I pick 3 games. I then place same stakes on each game. If I win all 3 I get my 90%+ profit. If I lose one but win two then I lose 30-40% of my stake. 

Monday, December 13, 2021

Bet A Day First 5 Days

Welcome to my Bet-A-Day results for the first 5 days.

Bet-A-Day is the betting plan where I place 1 bet a day (if any available) in the hope I win everyday.

My Football plan is where I place more bets as I find them, but here on Bet-A-Day I only pick the most likely bet to win.

Likely bets to win are all mostly low odds games and I try to get the best odds I can.

Started Bet-A-Day on 7th December 2021. It's Been 5 days now and I've won every bet. I use 20 EUR each bet and made a profit of 28 EUR.

You can join me on CopyTip.

This weeks plan is to keep going with it, if it's doing well, I keep doing it!

Find out more about me and my betting plans here.

Bet A Day UPDATE First red

 3 Month update. Started my Bet A day on 15th November 2021. Today's date 24th February 2022. Bet A Day is just the name I called it on ...