Welcome to SPS Documented Betting / Trading Sports Journey.

Here I want to document my sports trading win or lose, I want to keep a record of all of it. I bet just small amounts of money for my entertainment purpose only. 

This site will not try to convince you to gamble or link you to sites to gamble. I simply want to wager a few bucks and document the results.

I like to trade on sports. Manly Tennis. I play tennis and its a great sport. I started trading around 5 years ago (2016). I have done a few bets in the past but it didn't interests me as much as trading dose. Trading is much more fun and enjoyable. 

Trading sports was made possible back in 2001 when sport exchange markets were available. The time I got into trading sports was when the markets were full of traders. It is a interesting and enjoyable thing to learn and you can make a few bucks doing it. 

In the last 5 years my trading has become pretty good. I do have a technical mind and maybe that has helped me trade better. This site isn't about teaching you how to trade, I'm no teacher. But I will help if I can and hope you find my posts interesting in some way and maybe helpful. I will update the days I trade with any notes to myself and challenges I set myself here on this site. 

If you are a sports trader then maybe this site will be more of a interests to you. Do you do well, have you just started? If you use Facebook you can join my private group page.

Thank you for reading. 


3rd Weekend in October 2021

  Profit £3.00 in 27 Games