Welcome to SPS Documented Betting / Trading Sports Journey.

Here I want to document my sports trading win or lose, I want to keep a record of all of it. I bet just small amounts of money for my entertainment purpose only. 

**This site will not try to convince you to gamble or link you to sites to gamble. I simply want to wager a few bucks and document the results.

After a month of doing this website it has become a good place for me to keep track on my trading. Good for me to look back on and all that. As for you the readers it may be of some interests to you or not.

Again the main purpose is for me to document my trading and your welcome to peek at what I do. 

I been trading for many years on and off and it's about time I had a site like this to keep track on myself.

Thank you for reading. 

Simon SPS Trader and Tipster.

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Bet A Day UPDATE First red

 3 Month update. Started my Bet A day on 15th November 2021. Today's date 24th February 2022. Bet A Day is just the name I called it on ...