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Football - SIMON

This Bet plan is where I make solid bets that I see has value. I bet using 5 stakes to slowly make profit's over time.

1 Bet-A-Day

This bet plan is where I am placing one bet a day, if possible on any football match where we are most likely to win. Most matches with this outcome offer very low odds.

Most Frequently asked questions

Who are you?
My name is Simon. I trade in sports. I enjoy checking sports markets and researching teams to find opportunities to make a profit. I use my market reading skills to place bets, predicting an outcome of a match. Trading is much the same as betting and both fit in well together.

Can I see you history?
Yes! My bet history is on CopyTip. I started back in November 15th 2021 and made a first bet on the 22nd November 2021. I have made 39 Tips and ongoing. Please check out my Copytip profile to see the updated results.

What do I bet on?
If you copy me on CopyTip you don't have to manually bet on anything. Each bet I place will automatically place it for you. Never miss out on a good bet waiting for tips. Give it a try! I bet on Football and Tennis, but I'm sticking to football for a while.

Is it free?
No. I spend every morning analysing markets and finding value. This skill has took me many years to fine tune. To copy me on copytip you pay a 10% winnings fee if you win.

Do you offer free Tips?
Yes! I love to give out good tips and you can find them on my FaceBook page. I show tips in a % rating for you to make up your own mind if you will use it or not.

If you have a question, please comment below and I will get back to you. 
Thank you.

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It has been 5 months now since doing the Copy Tip Betting with a profit of £86.54p.
I had 5 followers now down to one!!. 
The image below shows a yellow line for my followers. You can see we had a few loses but if you stayed with me you would see a profit. Can't say I blame you for leaving, but if you can. Please stay with me. I will do my best to keep us in profit.

As for my one follower that is staying with me. Thank you for trusting me with your money. The yellow line will take longer to look in profit until I get more followers. Also followers set how much I can use of their money per bet. I understand why you would want to set this to a flat rate, but it isn't really necessary with my bets.

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