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Football - SIMON

This Bet plan is where I make solid bets that I see has value. I bet using 5 stakes to slowly make profits over time.

1 Bet-A-Day

This bet plan is where I am placing one bet a day, if possible on any football match where we are most likely to win. Most matches with this outcome offer very low odds and I will place 1 bet a day with 20-40€ stakes.

Most Frequently asked questions

Who are you?
My name is Simon. I trade in sports. I enjoy checking sports markets and researching teams to find opportunities to make a profit. I use my market reading skills to place bets, predicting an outcome of a match. Trading is much the same as betting and both fit in well together.

Can I see you history?
Yes! My bet history is on CopyTip. I started back in November 15th 2021 and made a first bet on the 22nd November 2021. I have made 39 Tips and ongoing. Please check out my Copytip profile to see the updated results.

What do I bet on?
If you copy me on CopyTip you don't have to manually bet on anything. Each bet I place will automatically place it for you. Never miss out on a good bet waiting for tips. Give it a try! I bet on Football and Tennis, but I'm sticking to football for a while.

Is it free?
No. I spend every morning analysing markets and finding value. This skill has took me many years to fine tune. To copy me on copytip you pay a 10% winnings fee if you win.

Do you offer free Tips?
Yes! I love to give out good tips and you can find them on my FaceBook page. I show tips in a % rating for you to make up your own mind if you will use it or not.

If you have a question, please comment below and I will get back to you. 
Thank you.

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Weekend 23rd October 2021

 profit £ 24.00 games = 41