Monday, October 11, 2021

2nd Weekend October

Profit £15.79p

9th to 10th October, The weekend Trading results.

Big lost from the start was on a Football match. 

Here is the weekend chart.

and the Weekend Markets.

My main trades are on Tennis but I do like doing some Football, when they pay off they do pay. The £10 lost was almost a £100 win but not today.

Me talking out loud. 

I'm doing these pages to track my trades, win or lose. I started this on the last week of September. This month October will be the first full month I will have documented all my trades. I'm likening it so far. It is good to see my results in this format. At the end of each month I should add a Total . That way I could see each month results quicker and then do one for each year. As time goes on I will just update this site monthly or may not need to keep updating this part. 

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