Bad Habits

 I've eliminated most of my bad habits when trading and here are just some self reminders.

Aiming for too high.

I need to calculate the risk better

I do well with trades then this one will come alone where I see profit then it's gone and never comes back. I could have took the small profit but decided not to.

Still chasing the lost.

I have to learn to brush off any lost trades and forget it.

I am in a perfect trade with a good profit BUT I stay in to get more to make up a lost from a last trade. It's something in me that stops me taking a decent profit.

No Target on Profit.

Make good decisions based on the game not the aim.

It's OK to have a target in mind but not OK to aim for that target and not paying attention to the game itself. Staying in a game too long to get a few extra ticks to reach a target is very wrong. Trading out to early has the same effect. Each game to it's own. If a trade can do more, then let it or just trade out for what ever profit is available.

Trading around people.

Trade away from disturbance

You need to keep your mind focus. It isn't a skill like hitting a ball that you can learn then not have to focus too much. Trading is a skill of thinking and staying focus always.

Aiming for Gold

A free bet is the new aiming high.

Times when I'm trading I get confident on who will win. I leave a trade open to gain more profit. It isn't always the right thing to do. In fact I have lost more money doing this then not. When I am at that position again and I want to aim for Gold. I should always do the free bet option on the player I think will win. It's better to have a zero pay-out then a lost. 

I add more as they come to mind. 

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