Saturday, October 9, 2021

Free Betting Game by UPAPP

It's called "Sports Betting Game - BETUP"

This week I downloaded a free betting app for the android that uses real live sports games for you to bet using virtual money.

I won't get into detail about it, I'm not promoting it but I will say why I am using it.

The APP is just for making bets, bets that I don't do. I trade and look to always lock in a profit. This APP lets me place regular bets with no risk to my real money and all for my enjoyments. 

I wanted to make a trading APP that uses virtual money but this saves me making one just for now plus it is from real live games that my APP wouldn't have.

O.K. that's all on that.


ERM well playing that game went too good. Started with the free £10000 and made a million in under a week. Not something I would do with real money. But it got me thinking. And you know what that was.

4 weeks later I have decided to do this for real. I still love trading but I add some betting to the mix. 

Using a bank of £100 and using £5 Stakes. Read more about that here.

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