Saturday, October 9, 2021

Hair Raising Week but made a profit.

4th 8th October Week 2021

profit £7.73p

This week of trading with stakes of £2 to £25.00 in 74 trades.

Made many mistakes and bad habits. One of which was aiming too high and not taking the profit. Left a few free bets on and winning just the smaller 5 or 10p bets. My last £6.00 win was a bit of luck with a £25.00 lib. My only hint on that market was that I assumed the odds where right and lucky for me they were. This week was a hair raising week.

Both these charts are the same, just one using the smooth line view.

The first 5 games I had a profit of £7.00 then after that all down hill from there. After a week of trading I ended up with the same £7.00 profit I had from the start... 😥

Using mixed stakes doesn't work out. Best to stick to the same stakes.

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