Wednesday, December 15, 2021

How to pick a winner

My most favourite bet is when I know I can pick a winner.

How to pick a winner.

Most of the time it's a winner.

I pick 3 games. I then place same stakes on each game. If I win all 3 I get my 90%+ profit. If I lose one but win two then I lose 30-40% of my stake. 

How I pick my bets.

I started with Tennis, but that didn't go well so I did Football.

I Don't just pick random games. I do a bit of research.

Today I picked 3 games.

Bandirmaspor v Balikesirspor

Qingdao FC v Wuhan

Istra 1961 v Dinamo Zagreb

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I check each team position on the Standings Table to see where they are and how important this game is for them to win. I find a winning bet if I find a team that's right down the bottom where even if it was to win this game it wouldn't move up very much and the opposite is true for the other team that needs these points to stay at the top. 

The standings show Bandirmaspor are on their way up while Balikesirpor are more or less off the table.
If you want to double your money then this is something you can do. It's worth the time you put in and doing this a few times a week can pay off.

It normally takes me just under 2 hours to find a few games like these. I then bet on them using £50 stakes on each one. I'm looking to profit £50 or take a small £20 lost for the day. I get more good days then bad days and it pays off in the long term.

Save you time and just copy me.

Benefit from my many years learning my trade. 

Sign up and copy my bets on CopyTip. It be great to have you on board.

Updated game results.

Bandirmaspor v Balikesirspor

Qingdao FC v Wuhan

Istra 1961 v Dinamo Zagreb

All winners!!

All winners!!

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