Monday, December 13, 2021

Bet A Day First 5 Days

Welcome to my Bet-A-Day results for the first 5 days.

Bet-A-Day is the betting plan where I place 1 bet a day (if any available) in the hope I win everyday.

My Football plan is where I place more bets as I find them, but here on Bet-A-Day I only pick the most likely bet to win.

Likely bets to win are all mostly low odds games and I try to get the best odds I can.

Started Bet-A-Day on 7th December 2021. It's Been 5 days now and I've won every bet. I use 20 EUR each bet and made a profit of 28 EUR.

You can join me on CopyTip.

This weeks plan is to keep going with it, if it's doing well, I keep doing it!

Find out more about me and my betting plans here.

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