Slow Profit Plan 8M


Long term profits are just one way to add to your income.

Profits going up

This is a long 8 months betting plan that I'm leaving on and only updating the stake weekly with doing my other bets daily bets on my other plan Bet-A-Day.

I created a bot to place bets everyday for me on my instructions. No trading just straight bets.

I am starting this with about £30 in the Betting Bank and increasing the stakes each week. If all goes to plan I should have near £700 by the end of 8 months, if I leave it on.

I am using a betting plan I created and tested and seems to work. A full test is here right now so anything could go wrong. It's gambling so expect anything.

I'm not going to revive my Betting plan but you can follow me on my Bet-A-Day plan on Copy Tip. Click here if interested.

Back to this long term plan.

For convenience I will be live streaming this whole plan on my YouTube. You can see live updates on the results so far and have a chat or wot not.

I made a chart for a quick idea of how I want it to play. Time will tell.

Betting Plan long term

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